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Part of the first phase of the “Just a Click Away” initiative was a series of free webinars exploring different website models used to provide access online to public legal education and information. The webinars featured approaches being used in different jurisdictions across Canada to provide access to PLEI online at a provincial level, and one American site.

Video Summary

Here’s a short video summary of all three webinars:

Five Portals and a Content Site from Drew Jackson on Vimeo.

A recap of a series of webinars exploring models used to provide access online to public legal education and information. The recap features five portal websites and one content-rich site in different jurisdictions across Canada and the US.


What the Webinars Explore

The webinars explore:

  • seven current models of content websites and “portal” websites (a portal is a site that provides a point of entry into content on other websites),
  • the pros and cons of provincial and national approaches, and
  • how existing knowledge or tools might be used to support initiatives in other provinces or territories.

When are the Webinars?

The webinars were broadcast in January and February, leading up to the national conference on February 23-24, 2011. The webinars were broadcast on:

Recordings of the Webinars

We recorded the webinars, so if you missed them, you can watch them here.

Give us Feedback on the Webinars

If you had a chance to view one or more of the webinars, either live or the recordings, we would love your feedback. This short survey takes just a few moments to complete.

What is a Webinar?

Short for web-based seminar, a webinar is a learning event delivered over the web, combined with a telephone conference call for the audio of the event. Each webinar in our series was 60 minutes long, and featured interactive elements, so that participants could learn from the presenters but also ask questions and learn from each other.

Staying in touch

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  1. Drew Jackson / Jan 11 2011

    For the webinars we’re using WebEx and a telephone conference call. WebEx is a web-based service, so you can use it from any computer with an Internet connection. There is no complicated installation, although there is a small client that should install automatically in under a minute when you first log in.

  2. anonymous / Jan 10 2011

    What is the format of the webinar? What kind of equipment is required for participation?

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