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Just a Click Away is an initiative to enhance how technology can be used to deliver legal education and information to the public in Canada.

PLEI is an acronym for “public legal education and information”, which aims to educate the public about the law and provide practical resources for individuals to solve legal problems.

The first phase of Just a Click Away featured three parts:

Part 1: Emerging Trends in Using the Web and Social Media

In December 2010, we released a short report on “Legal Information and Social Media” summarizing some learning drawn from conferences hosted by Éducaloi in October on plain language and public legal education. Our report discusses emerging trends in how social media and web 2.0 technologies can be used to provide legal education and information.

Part 2: Webinar Series on Approaches to Providing PLEI Online

In January and February 2011, we hosted a series of webinars exploring different models to provide access online to public legal education and information. The webinars will featured approaches being used in different jurisdictions across Canada to provide access to PLEI online at a provincial level. Learn more about the webinar series.

Part 3: National Conference on Technology and Public Legal Education

This two-day intensive conference was held in Vancouver, British Columbia on February 23 & 24, 2011. The conference was aimed at those who provide and support public legal education and information, and want to improve how the Internet and emerging technologies can be used to deliver “PLEI”. The conference featured such themes as best practices for public legal education websites, evaluation of online PLEI, and using social media and web 2.0 technologies. Learn more about the Vancouver conference.

A final report summarizes our findings from the first phase of Just a Click Away. It identifies effective practices in using technology to provide public legal education and strategies on how these practices can be developed and supported.

Who is Involved?

Courthouse Libraries BCCourthouse Libraries BC is coordinating the “Just a Click Away” initiative. Courthouse Libraries BC helps the public (as well as the legal community) in British Columbia find and use legal information; it operates the Clicklaw portal website, which guides British Columbians to plain language legal information and options for legal help.

Law Foundation of OntarioThe “Just a Click Away” initiative is supported with funding from the Access to Justice Fund, administered by the Law Foundation of Ontario.

“Just a Click Away” is being guided by an advisory committee made up of:

Coordinating the project is Brenda Rose of Courthouse Libraries BC. Please contact Brenda at We welcome your suggestions and involvement!

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