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Oct 13 / Brenda Rose

Just a Click Away Continues!

We’re happy to announce that the Law Foundation of Ontario’s Access to Justice Fund has approved funding for Just a Click Away Phase 2: Supporting a Culture of Sharing.

Collaborating on this two year project are four organizations:

Also involved are advisory committee members from Justice Education Society of BCCommunity Legal Education Association (Manitoba), and Public Legal Education and Information Service of New Brunswick.

This next phase features four elements:

  • An online community of practice. Led by PovNet, we will provide a private online space for PLEI practitioners to have frank conversations and share experiences and learning about technology and PLEI on an ongoing basis.
  • A series of webinar broadcasts. Led by Éducaloi, we will hold a series of 8 broadcast webinars over a two year period where PLEI practitioners, managers, and funders from across Canada can learn about key topics relating to technology and PLEI.
  • A series of hands-on web labs. Led by CLEO, we will hold a series of 8 hands-on interactive workshops over the web aimed at PLEI practitioners who work directly with online technologies.
  • Documentation of best practices. Led by Courthouse Libraries BC, we will create online PLEI best practices guides, developed from the exchanges in the online community of practice space, the webinar broadcasts and the hands-on web labs.

The project is in the very early stages so stay tuned for information about events as they unfold. To receive updates about the project, please subscribe to our blog, follow us on Twitter and/or like us on Facebook!


  1. David Daughton / Feb 8 2012

    Thanks for getting this up and running. There are so many mutually beneficial outcomes that can be achieved through sharing and networking! I am the recently appointed Executive Director of Prince Edward Island’s “Community Legal Information Association” and I am happy to know that there will be an on-line resource available for collaboration. David Daughton.

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